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20th May 2014 — Pre-order new album by Stanislav Vdovin — Wake Me Up When It's Gone

Pre-order Stanislav Vdovin – Wake Me Up When It's Gone

The past year has been empty in terms of releases. That's why the upcoming latest album by Stanislav Vdovin «Wake Me Up When It's Gone» is available to pre-order not only on Anodize (US) in CD format, but on Occasion as well (digital downloads). Note the magnificent cover photo by Sonia Skobeleva (special thank you). Her photographs can be a good source of inspiration.

18th January 2014 — Vague memories of bliss

Vague memories of bliss

Another reminder that life has an end came yesterday. The vision and style of the guy were so similar to ours. These two compositions could make us think about eternity and our place in it. Once more. First is Bliss by Caxa, who appeared on the Occasion as Como. Second is Vague Memories by Stanislav Vdovin published on the Leaves netlabel. Take care.

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Occasion is a label founded by Stanislav Vdovin in January, 2010 in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia and oriented to organic forms of contemporary music as a result of interaction between digital technologies and natural environment.

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