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Press / Stanislav Vdovin — Wake Me Up When It's Gone [Occasion 2014-01]

Darren Bergstein, Anodize

«So from Russia with love, here we go sublime courtesy of Stanislav Vdovin, exposing various moodstates across the eight tracks that inform July's released Wake Me Up When It's Gone. A categorical polyglot in the best sense, Vdovin stretches his vivid constructs over a sticky web of brusque dub-beat, underwater filter shifts, and nocturnal ecosystems, terraforming his sounds along a nature-time continuum thanks to his deep toolbox of assorted effects and well-applied nuances. Far from somnambulant, the music presides over sentient landscapes that recall the classic throb of numerous 90s Mille Plateaux sides as much as the push-pull ambience of classic FAX.

Based out of the cultural city of Nizhny Novgorod (formerly Gorky), Vdovin forges a hands-on analog/digital symbiosis that intuitively fuses the bent circuits of key and diode, synthesizing heart and mind, and all without resorting to the faintest of any obvious 'cinematic' signifiers.»

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