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News of 2011-2015 / 2010

28th December 2010 — Free download It Comes With Nothing by Sleepy Town Manufacture & Unit 21 until 15th January 2011

Thank you for downloading and purchase

In the meantime Sleepy Town Manufacture & Unit 21 came up with their own gift. Welcome to download the latest album It Comes With Nothing for free, if you don't have it. Hurry up, this offer ends on 15th January 2011. Also huge thank you to those 5 listeners who have already bought it. We feel this album deserves a wider audience than this, so here it is for the next two and half weeks. Enjoy and whisper to your friends in confidence.

15th November 2010 — Seasonal discounts

Seasonal discounts

It's time to think about Christmas gifts. Occasion offers a discount of 50% when buying 3 or more items from any catalogue — it is valid for both digital and physical versions. Before buying write us at stanislav[at]occasionlabel.org about what items you'd like to get, and we'll come up with the invoice. Make your order and your gifts!

27th October 2010 — Countless Efforts reviewed by Far from Moscow

Far from Moscow

David MacFadyen continues support us with great reviews on his resource Far from Moscow. This time he examined Countless Efforts EP from social and philosophical points of view, and also dropped some words about live at Openstream, which is already happened and claims to be the next Occasion release. Thanks, David!

8th October 2010 — Stanislav Vdovin — Countless Efforts

Stanislav Vdovin – Countless Efforts

If you don't have a fear of open spaces sit beside on a cloud. Throw back your head and stare into space. We left autumn city somewhere below with all summer flashbacks. Sun spots on stone slabs, stems of grass through cracked asphalt — it's all past. Now the Sun is another star, and infinity rocks to sleep, sings a lullaby.

5th September 2010 — Sleepy Town Manufacture & Unit 21 — It Comes With Nothing

Sleepy Town Manufacture & Unit 21 – It Comes With Nothing

Holy skull! No, we haven't moved for Mexico yet, but we like to treat ourselves with sweet stuff. We invite you to lick the last album of the duo Sleepy Town Manufacture & Unit 21, thank god they refine sugar for 18 years for two, which means the guarantee of high quality and excellent taste. «Yumm! This album has light sour taste», — you say. And you're right. Special recipe of the dish It Comes With Nothing — brewed natural born samples, rich basslines, joyful melodies and (please!) Acid seasonings. It comes with the mass, sculptured in the form of jolly roger, fresh like it's right away from the grave, and ready to munch. Bon Appetit, sweet tooth!

Geographical update: the United States share a border with Mexico, so if you don't believe us read the article on Far from Moscow.

23th August 2010 — Distribution catalogue update

Distribution catalogue update

Three albums have arrived in our distribution catalogue, all by Saint Petersburg label Zhelezobeton and all noteworthy. Welcome to purchase!

24th July 2010 — Stanislav Vdovin — Made of Cloth And Feather | iTunes is on hold

Stanislav Vdovin – Made of Cloth And Feather

Just a quick note that the album Made Of Cloth And Feather by Stanislav Vdovin is now released. 100 copies packed in cardboard with laminating. Don't miss it — it can make your day on the run.

Also, we won't put new music on iTunes since this release because of little feedback, but maybe we'll back there with the growth of our roster.

8th July 2010 — Pre-order of the album Made of Cloth And Feather by Stanislav Vdovin | December Evening remixed by Darren McClure

Stanislav Vdovin – Made of Cloth And Feather

So, long-awaited fourth release of the label coming on 15th July! And for now one may listen to sampler, watch the videos, admire delicate feminine photograph, made by our friend from Japan (mistubako herself, who shared one of her minimal works for December24 and Rapid And Tired), and read press release. If there is everything or something in particular you like — well, then go ahead and make your pre-order! If you're fast enough and be in time until 15th July, single Second Variety by Stanislav Vdovin together with his new album — yours.

One more piece of good news: well-known experimental musician Darren McClure (Symbolic Interaction, The Land Of) has just sent us his version of December Evening, magically disorienting and disarming. So we got already 3 tracks in active of December Remixes, and, of course, we ain't gonna stop at it.

10th June 2010 — Latest review on December24 | Occasion 2010-04 is in print

Latest review on December24

British resource sonomu.net has published review on December24. By the way, the amount of discs we have for this release isn't really huge order your copy, it is not too late.

Next disc of the label Occasion 2010-04 Stanislav Vdovin Made Of Cloth And Feather is now in print, and hopefully will be released on some lovely day in June.

7th april 2010 — Remixing December

Remixing December

Yesterday we got stunning remix of December Day made by Moscow-based moroza_knozova (Kahvi Collective). Thinking that a couple of other remixes would bring another great release, maybe right by December 2010, we start remix project of Stanislav Vdovin's December24. Hope some of the artists who we admire will do us an honour and participate in this undertaking.

7th april 2010 — News section started | Occasion 2010-01 & 02 now available on CDr

Occasion 2010-01 & 02 on CDr

Let's make it straight. This site needed news section. So here it is, in html like in olden days.

What we have to say here. We gladly announce that the first two Occasion releases et_cetera and Second Variety are now available on CDr in 100 copies each. Discs come in standard plastic bags with tiny hand-numbered cards inside. Please, make your order if you like them, all the more so the prices are incredibly low.

News of 2011-2015 / 2010

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