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Artists / Miguel A. Garcia

After completing his degree in Fine Arts at the Basque Country Faculty in Bilbao with a major in Audiovisual Technology, Miguel A. Garcia turned to sound as his principal medium of expression, combining free improvisation and electro-acoustic composition with a particular interest in the formal construction of sonic discourse.

Besides his production of CDs and numerous live performances in Spain (Museo Vostell, Arteleku, MACUF, Museum Chillida-Leku, Guggenheim Bilbao, Tabacalera, etc.) he has performed in the United States, Norway, Poland, Portugal and France.

Miguel A. Garcia has created many film soundtracks and installations; he is also managed and directed the Zarata-Fest Festival and the club Larraskito, both located in Bilbao. Two netlabels Larraskito & Doministiku are curated by Garcia as well.

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Selected discography

Miguel A. Garcia — Lamb (Occasion, 2011) 
Coeval, Miguel A. Garcia & Miguel Prado — Tirasse (Ephre, 2011) 
Miguel A. Garcia & Hector Rey (Mantricum, 2010) 
Miguel A. Garcia — Live at El Tanque, Tenerife (Ronf recs, 2009) 
VVAA — Variations in White (White Line, 2009) 
Xedh — Vinduskarm (Triple Bath, 2009) 
Miguel A. Garcia — Armiarmak (RMO, 2008) 
Miguel A. Garcia — Subsuelos (Trans>parent radiation, 2008)
Xedh — Exadh (Zeromoon, 2007) 
Xedh — Armiarma (Homophoni, 2007) 

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