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News of 2011-2015 / 2010

13th February 2015 — Pre-order Sonia Skobeleva & Stanislav Vdovin debut CD album

So, from Russia with beautiful music, the album called Between Ourselves by Sonia Skobeleva & Stanislav Vdovin needs to be funded by you, dear listener. Visit this campaign for all information concerning dates, audio samples, perks & our gratitude.

As you can see, the campaign is already closed, but you still can pre-order your copy directly via PayPal for . As for pricing, just use the amounts on the campaign page. Thank you!

25th December 2014 — Overnight

Guul – Overnight

Let your night be magic. We came to the end of fourteen with only one album released, but less is better. Speaking about good, this listening pleasure from Guul can make your night wonderful. Spend it well, and in 2015 we'll come back with a lot of beautiful music. Good night.

20th May 2014 — Pre-order new album by Stanislav Vdovin — Wake Me Up When It's Gone

Pre-order Stanislav Vdovin – Wake Me Up When It's Gone

The past year has been empty in terms of releases. That's why the upcoming latest album by Stanislav Vdovin «Wake Me Up When It's Gone» is available to pre-order not only on Anodize (US) in CD format, but on Occasion as well (digital downloads). Note the magnificent cover photo by Sonia Skobeleva (special thank you). Her photographs can be a good source of inspiration.

18th January 2014 — Vague memories of bliss

Vague memories of bliss

Another reminder that life has an end came yesterday. The vision and style of the guy were so similar to ours. These two compositions could make us think about eternity and our place in it. Once more. First is Bliss by Caxa, who appeared on the Occasion as Como. Second is Vague Memories by Stanislav Vdovin published on the Leaves netlabel. Take care.

23rd August 2013 — 2CheckOut is cancelled | December24 appears on Bandcamp

December24 on Bandcamp

There are two pieces of news we have to post. First, we continue to experience problems with 2CheckOut, as they're seemingly not interested to hold our store. So, we let it go. Second, December24 is now available on Bandcamp digitally. Please make this service a priority for shopping.

15th March 2012 — Occasion welcomes Juno (or vice versa, yep)

Occasion at Juno Download

The geography of the Occasion digital sales gradually grows. At this time, our catalogues have appeared at Juno Download. If you are not an «audiophile and nerd» (as defined by bandcamp), but at the same time prefer to listen to music legally, purchasing mp3s at Juno — the best option for the price, especially when buying a full release. However, the policy of the store implies maintaining a certain level of sales, so the digital versions of new releases in 2012 will be available exclusively from Juno Download.

18th October 2011 — Occasion welcomes Bandcamp (or vice versa)

Check Order page for new shopping opportunities

Last week's big topic — accepting PayPal payments in Russia — prompted us to decision about starting sales on Bandcamp. This option becomes now the prime one for purchasing music of the label. Remaining alternative way is buying with 2CheckOut, and it has an essential shortcoming of unability to download your digital purchase instantly. Bandcamp, on the contrary, allows immediate downloading, moreover, with wider range of formats. As for CDr releases, it's all the same here: they are usually shipped on the next day after your purchase, regardless of the way of payment you choose. Prices in Bandcamp and in 2CheckOut are the same. Nevertheless some releases still available only through 2CheckOut. In the future they will move to Bandcamp as well. Thank you for the attention and welcome to buy our music!

P.S. Please note, that release Countless Efforts To Carry On by Stanislav Vdovin is now available only for paid downloads. Those of you, who had time to download it for free, will probably agree, that this is right decision.

16th October 2011 — Events section has been opened

Occasion events

We love making events, and always did. But for some reason they weren't displayed here to date, and we decided to fix that. The «Events» section now represents independent shows, curated by the label.

6th June 2011 — [Passage 13] Stanislav Vdovin — Cells

[Passage 13] Stanislav Vdovin – Cells

Some days ago cutting-edge resource FuseLab has uploaded another live by Stanislav Vdovin — Cells, which is available in podcast section for free and contains some interesting unreleased to date compositions in drone ambient / soundscapes direction. Thanks, FuseLab!

15th March 2011 — Stanislav Vdovin — December Remixes out now

Stanislav Vdovin – December Remixes out now

And here is the official release: jewel case and booklet in spring grey and blue tones. Pre-ordered copies are already on their way to the listeners, keep up with them.

P.S.: releases of the label Zhelezobeton in distribution catalogue are now sold out, thank you.

3rd March 2011 — Pre-order CDr or buy now digitally Stanislav Vdovin — December Remixes

Order CDr or buy digitally Stanislav Vdovin – December Remixes

Promised about a year ago the album of remixes on December compositions is about half-released. 100 copies of CDr's are now in print (pre-order available), and digital version can be purchased today already. The album is compiled as logical as possible and contains quite diverse music. In comparison with original versions these remixes sound more loose, bringing temperature above zero in one of the coldest months of a year.

News of 2011-2015 / 2010

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