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Album released on 3rd February 2010
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Anton Cherkasov + Stanislav Vdovin

Live In Moscow

1. Live In Moscow (44:54)

A transitional point between the numbers 2 and 4 is the record of live performance by duo of Anton Cherkasov and Stanislav Vdovin, appeared here under the digit of 3.

It happened in 2007, in Moscow. Light hall of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts, tricky vj-ing by Poloka with floating sharks, and soft dialogue of laptop improvisations. Sad ambient by Stanislav Vdovin, propped up with deep passages of sampled Polyvoks, seems discovers reality again with its multiplied noises, built by lo-fi guru Anton Cherkasov (20kbps records). Two introverts, both on their own, follow the threads of different colours, sometimes interweaving them, but never coming to rest.

One day from life of megalopolis man, who seeks after his own reflection on the background of lilac-coloured sky, but finds amongst blue only subway van and snow on TV screen.

Performed by: Anton Cherkasov, Stanislav Vdovin
Mastered by: Stanislav Vdovin
Photo: Stanislav Dyakonov

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