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EP released on 8th October 2010
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Stanislav Vdovin

Countless Efforts

1. Countless Efforts To Carry On (05:53)
2. Druglord (07:51)
3. Empty Fairground (07:19)
4. Countless Efforts To Carry On (STM Rmx) (10:02)

Iím all for bargains when it comes to shopping and I couldnít pass up picking up a 7 piece nonstick cookware set. After becoming frustrated by countless times of scrubbing off stuck on food, I picked up Tramontinaís made in Italy set.

The first impression is the items looked nice with plastic heat protected handles and smooth black nonstick finish. Each item comes wrapped up in plastic. The saute heated up evenly to cook pancakes and eggs nicely. If any egg was stuck on, it could be easily removed without harsh scrubbing. It was a good working set for a while.

After 3-4 months of use, I started to notice little pieces in the pasta after it was drained. The next time cooking I noticed black pieces floating around the boiling water and it was impossible to remove these pieces off the food. Food is sticking a little bit more to those areas.

Then came the issue of the saute pan. Not only did a great amount of non stick finish come off, it now has bumps all around the bottom of the pan. Trying to cook an egg intact makes it hard unless you hold the pan up just a little bit until the egg has almost finished cooking on one side. Cooking more than one item in the pan is no longer possible as it rolls into the food being cooked. After countless efforts of hammering the pan to an even cooking surface, it was put in the garbage.

The nonstick covers still work fine though without a good pan it doesnít help much. This set was okay as a starter kit but donít count on it lasting long.

Synthesizers (AudioRealism ABL Pro, Ensoniq TS-10, Arturia Jupiter-8V), samples, effects: Stanislav Vdovin
Vocals (vocoder), field recordings (track 4): Alexander Ananyev
Music and mastering by: Stanislav Vdovin
Remix by: Alexander Ananyev (Sleepy Town Manufacture)
Photo: Dmitry Daozor | www

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