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CDr (Jewel, 100) | Digital
Album released on 15th March 2011
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Stanislav Vdovin

December Remixes

1. December Evening (Selfremix) (08:34)
2. December Day (moroza_knozova Remix) (07:04)
3. December Evening (Como Remix) (10:36)
4. December (Holden's 24 Hours Remix) (06:42)
5. December Evening (Darren McClure Remix) (08:04)
6. December Morning (Lou Remix) (04:34)
7. December Night (Selfremix) (07:10)

All in the Universe evolves in a spiral. December Remixes is not an exception. It is an example of reconsideration of the music from the past with its austerity, simplicity, and completeness of the form. This form is now loosely treated, and symmetry of flat figures turns into symmetry of three-dimentional ones.

Album is opened by Stanislav Vdovin's own remix of December Evening. Abstracted away from beating (not from pulsing) the track overtones with layers placed close to each other and enriches by its progress with electric guitar loops.

The most accessible and groovy remix by Moscow-based moroza_knozova at least will keep your head nodding. «Modal IDM» is maybe the best chracteristic in two words.

Massive and danceable remix by Como comes on the disc with the big question mark — the artist hides under the mask of uncertainty. Love to brickwall sounding and long duration push us into club field, but which one from hundreds of thousands on Earth — no one knows.

Label artist Anton Cherkasov (he's Holden here) offers an idea of mixing all four (!) tracks into one 24 Hours Remix. It lasts not 24 hours though, but enough to appreciate the originality of the idea.

Remix of well-known artist Darren McClure steps farther than anyone from the original (December Evening). Music sparkles with icy waterdrops or steam, layers revolve on their axis and slowly segue into each other — not a shadow of rhythm. Horizon is clean.

New artist of the label — Ivan Lukyanov (Lou) demonstrates brilliant noise control skills in his December Morning remix. Current events won't let you bored, and richness of the texture will pour over with the sun sparks.

Final selfremix of December Night catches echoes of faded notes. The rhythm is very thin, and it accompanies to harmonic changes. Simplicity of the sound design and philosophical-melancholic mood lead the listener to the conclusion.

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