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Album released on 30th May 2011
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Stanislav Vdovin

Live For Food And Culture

1. Mandarins (04:01)
2. Cold Part Of The World (04:06)
3. Cells (03:06)
4. Freight / The Sky Moves Faster (06:40)
5. I Gather Sounds (03:36)
6. For Margo (04:12)
7. Things Change (04:48)

The album by Stanislav Vdovin, recorded in April evening in a small Nizhny Novgorod cafe — that's what the release on Occasion on a last but one spring day is about. Fresh and direct music, free from tension of rhythm, will keep you company in any time of day, taking consciousness into morning azure, or to star distance, or to thoughts about imperfection of the world. Morning walk, hazy waters, soles, wet of dew, serenity; and later — thick of forest or jungle of city, and above all that — eternal inconstancy of heaven.

None of the compositions has been released before. Original versions of some tracks will be included in next studio album of the musician. They were played live here.

Music, performance, recording, and mastering by: Stanislav Vdovin
Photography: Nico Yang | www

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