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Album released on 15th June 2012
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Olga Shaydullina + Stanislav Vdovin

Magic Carpet

1. Magic Carpet (09:23)
2. Secret Tavern (08:54)
3. Pegasus (15:04)
4. Beige Mouse Dream (02:52)

It so happened that the creative work of the duo of Olga Shaydullina and Stanislav Vdovin is inseparably linked with the past. Perhaps, it follows from Olga's academic education, that gives an understanding of the sources and cause-and-effect relations in art. However, the new album of the duo demonstrates not so much awareness in the history of culture, as the desire to recreate the fantastic atmosphere of the past epochs. Magic carpet, a medieval tavern, the myth of a winged horse, and a Russian fairy tale about the mouse — all these images once again appear in front of the listener.

The album is instrumental, of course. Since the first release (et_cetera) Olga Shaydullina significantly increased her arsenal of tools and included, in addition to the piano, flute and various percussion instruments — from the Cuban drums to orchestral triangle. Thus, «toyness» of the tools emphasizes the theme of the album. The second main difference — Magic Carpet is a live recording. Stanislav Vdovin sampled and processed the parts by Shaydullina in real time in the already familiar environment AudioMulch, weaving melodic thread in a holistic composite carpet.

Stylistically, the Magic Carpet continues minimal line, but there is no strict geometry in it. Due to the spontaneous, live recording the effect of diversity is achieved: sounds penetrate into each other, becoming obsessed and sinking in reverb, not passing, however, the boundaries of compositional logic and positive emotions. In a word, in front of you is mature improvisational work of feeling each other musicians, aspiring to colorize the story as they hear, with the tools they possess.

Music by: Olga Shaydullina, Stanislav Vdovin
Piano, flute, bongos, triangle, windchimes: Olga Shaydullina
Processing, recording: Stanislav Vdovin
Edited, mixed and mastered by: Stanislav Vdovin
Photo: Kseniya Chubatyuk | E-mail

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