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Mini-CDr & Digital
Mini-album released on 14th July 2018
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Olga Shaydullina & Stanislav Vdovin


1. Sire C (02:25)
2. Sire Kui (02:21)
3. Sire Sara (01:10)
4. Sire Ugl (01:42)
5. Sire Vasu (02:18)
6. Sire Gor (03:22)
7. Sire Vol (01:31)
8. Sire Rib (02:47)

The silhouettes of the Volga reservoirs served as a source of inspiration for the project «Sirenes» by media artist Evgeniy Strelkov. Scales created on the basis of their shapes were used by Olga Shaydullina & Stanislav Vdovin for the record of the same name. Instruments, which are grand piano, e-bow, and effects, sound extremely concentrated here, and the names of the tracks are shortened. Music is limited to the concept, yet it allows us to say that it's «necessary and sufficient» for a complete release.

Mastered by: Chihei Hatakeyama | www
Photo: Grant Simon Rogers | Flickr

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