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CDr (Tin, 100) | Digital
EP released on 26th October 2009
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Stanislav Vdovin

Rapid And Tired

1. Use Less (06:45)
2. Rapid Trees (05:36)
3. Tired Vinyl (05:17)
4. Tired Tape (06:50)

Melancholic and swift, mini-album with the concept of moving. Images of trees, sweeping past in a train window, old things not associated with each other are all sounds of shadowy past. For this record Stanislav takes a step away from vinyl microsampling and uses synthesizers Polyvoks and Ensoniq instead. Such combination of analog and digital domains on the stage of composing is a metaphor of interpenetration of technology and nature — the essense of ambient techno music.

Music by: Stanislav Vdovin
Mastered by: Andreas Nordenstam | www
Photo: studio Abejas e Colmenas
The image belongs to «sky/clouds» set | www

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